Jani / Jez is a multidisciplinary artist and facilitator living in Southampton, England.

Their work is informed by ecological activism, magic and ritual, their identity as a nonbinary person and their experiences as an immigrant, neurodivergent person and outlier. They are interested in exploring the liminal spaces between objects, people, ideas and experiences. They have an interest in grassroots arts and art as a tool for activism and community building, believing that art has an important part to play in changing the world for the better.

Their practice links between small, everyday personal experience, herbal wisdom, life stories and the global events unfolding around us.

Through mixed media visual art, poetry, writing and installation, they explore the way symbols act on us as artists and as audience, prodding us emotionally and forming our ideas about ourselves and the world.

Breaking out of binary ideas and allowing fluidity, uncertainty and change in these times, Jez invites the viewer to feel unsure and to access their intuitive responses to archetypes and symbols.

They are currently based at Arches Studios in Southampton.

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